"I still have a long way to go and much to learn, but in my short time of training, I am already grateful for how much I have been taught. This class has helped build my confidence about what I am capable of accomplishing physically, but also from a personal standpoint. While the very concept of learning this self-defense system was intimidating to me, Freddie approaches it in a very non-threatening way, making warm-ups and drills challenging but doable, and even fun (sometimes fun and painful).  He pushes to the limit and beyond, which has helped me understand I can go farther than I thought I was able."


              SIMON B.                 

"Freddie is an amazing teacher. The skills you will learn in this class could save your life some day."




"As an EMT, Krav has not only helped me to become more physically fit to meet the demands of my work, it's helped me become more mentally strong.  As a student of Freddie for over 8 years, his instruction has been invaluable in hardening both mind and body to meet the challenges of any day, particularly when I'm in less than ideal circumstances. Freddie has always reminded me of the principal that we rarely rise to any occasion, but rather fall back to our base level of training. It's with that continued development of my training that I can meet greater and greater challenges in the days to come."




"I'm so glad I decided to try out Badger Krav Maga when it came to Lodi! I decided to go to Badger Krav on somewhat of a whim....Freddie decided to do a trial run in Lodi, and it just happened to be on my night off from Fire and EMS. I figured learning how to fight back would be a good skill to have in order to help protect myself and my crew, because nowadays, you just never know what people are thinking.

I enjoy working out, but motivation and time have been huge struggles for me lately. I find a lot more motivation when the workouts double as learning experiences, which Badger Krav Maga excels at. Freddie is incredibly knowledgeable, both with Krav and adapting workouts to fit any fitness level out there. The more advanced students in class also prove to be a big help, and work with all of us newbies as well. Learning an important life skill and getting one heck of a workout while doing it is why Krav has quickly become my new favorite thing. If given the opportunity to try it - you definitely should!"




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