Freddie Harris


Freddie Harris – Owner of Badger Krav Maga, is a private investigator, a security consultant, and instructor in several use-of- force disciplines with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in workplace safety & physical security, Freddie has provided services such as – termination assistance, executive protection, security force training & development, crowd control, crisis intervention, music/sporting event and labor strike security to clients throughout the United States. 

Born with a protective nature & a passion to empower and help those in need, Freddie began teaching women’s self-defense courses in 1998. This community focused program was developed for area women, and was sponsored by the Monona, WI Police Department. Through those contributions Freddie was twice honored with Certificates of Merit from the Monona, WI Police Department, for the volunteer program he assisted in developing and instructing. But his career in teaching valuable life-saving skills didn’t stop there….

Over the years, Freddie has attained and holds, several certifications instructing weapons and tactics. He is a Certified Armorer in several handgun & long gun platforms, a Range Safety Officer, Firearms Instructor, and a WI Conceal Carry Instructor. He is a certified civilian & law enforcement Krav Maga Instructor, use-of-force instructor in chemical weapons, illumination devices, tactical restraints and other impact weapons. 

Freddie is a proud member of the American Women’s Self Defense Association – AWSDA, the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association – ILEETA, and an Endowment Member of the National Rifle Association – NRA. Freddie also volunteers his time as an Advisor and instructor for the University of Wisconsin – Madison Krav Maga student organization.