There's strength in numbers


We are dedicated to making our community safer through the awareness and education of self-defense. We proudly share our passion and our knowledge of self-defense to empower others throughout the Greater Madison, WI area. This includes youth groups, non-profit organizations, houses of worship, public/private schools, businesses, police/fire/ems units and State & local government agencies.


uw krav maga club

The dangers are ever-present in the streets on and around college campuses throughout the nation. This makes it all the more important to promote safety and spread self-defense knowledge to the UW--Madison community. The mission of the Krav Maga Club is to educate students about self-defense techniques and strategies, so they may keep themselves and others safe on the University of Wisconsin—Madison campus. The dedication and passion to empower and protect fellow students on and off campus is exactly what Badger Krav Maga is about. We are proud to aid the club in their mission – and it has been both an honor and privilege to partner with the UW Krav Maga Club as their organization's Advisor and Self-Defense instructor.
Classes are open to all UW-Madison students. To join the club and find class times follow the link below.


Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment Seminars will teach you to develop the right mindset, confident body language, verbal self-defense skills, physical preparedness and practical self-protection strategies in a fun and cooperative environment. These seminars help women learn invaluable mental, verbal, and physical skills to better assert themselves and be safer in their daily lives. We work with campus organizations, shelters, churches, synagogues, businesses, and other groups taught by our expert instructional staff. These seminars are a transformational experience for women. The women who attend are able to develop a stronger sense of self, as well as confidence in their abilities to defend themselves.



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