Self-defense seminars & corporate wellness


Corporate Self-defense Seminars

Our corporate self-defense seminars are group focused, confidence & team building activities that provides your employees with effective self-defense tools. We tackle the sometimes difficult to talk about topics surrounding workplace violence, in a fun and interactive way. Whether you're looking for a new leadership strengthening course, an activity for an association/ club/society or wanting to add Krav Maga to your existing corporate safety campaign, our Instructors will work with you to customize the seminars to meet your specific needs. These reality-based seminars are a great way to enhance your staff's awareness and decision making abilities to adequately react to common threats, gaining them potential life-saving skills for both inside and outside of the workplace.  



Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy employees make for more productive employees and a stronger work culture overall. Adding Krav Maga to your corporate wellness program is a great way to provide practical self-defense skills with the secondary benefit of getting super fit, too! Our fight-focused conditioning drills are designed to improve your speed, endurance, and explosiveness. All movements are scalable, and can be adapted to all fitness levels



We can provide morning or evening programs to your staff at your facility in 6 week, 8 week or longer formats. By making us your wellness provider your staff will also receive 10% off monthly memberships to continue training in our open to the public classes.



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