defensive sprays

          The use of chemical weapons for protection dates back as far as 2,000 B.C during the China/India wars.

Badger Krav Maga combines practical self-defense principles and product education in this hands on interactive course. This training covers: legal demystification, carry options, tactical deployment & defensive strategies.

Protective Pepper Spray is ideal for college students, dog walkers, joggers, and professionals to use as a primary or supplemental defense option.

No experience required, all skill levels welcome! An inert trainer is used during class. Each participant will receive a canister of live pepper spray upon completion of class.


next class: Saturday April 27th 1030am - 1130Am

Training location: Maple Bluff Rec Center Gym
18 Oxford Place Madison, WI 53704
*Enrollment deadline is noon on April 17th!