the baton

The expandable Baton is one of my favorites! This impressive device is unique because of its size, and can be taken virtually anywhere!

This simple and discreet tool is great for protecting yourself in close quarter situations, where other devices are not appropriate. Capable of being expanded in a flash, the Baton can create space and multiply your ability to neutralize your threats.

Protective Baton is ideal for dog walkers, hikers, joggers, and professionals to use as a primary or supplemental defense option. This training covers: legal demystification, carry options, tactical deployment & defensive strategies.

No experience required, all skill levels welcome! Each participant will receive an expandable Baton upon completion.


next class: Saturday April 27th 9am - 10am

Training location: Maple Bluff Rec Center Gym
18 Oxford Place Madison, WI 53704
*Enrollment deadline is noon on April 17th!