Your body is the most precious asset you’ll ever own. Invest in it, protect it, and feel good in it!


Welcome back students!

Join us for action packed, heart pounding, calorie burning self-defense fun!  Our program combines body weight interval training with the world-renowned fighting techniques of Krav Maga self-defense.

Our primary mission with any age group is fostering mental strength. A strong mind is agile, aware, and confident. Krav Maga trains young minds to think and react with an emphasis on situational awareness and creative problem-solving.

Krav Maga teaches tools and techniques for situations that commonly confront kids at school, on campus, and in life. Whether they’re facing problems caused by a school bully or a surprise math test, your student will have the tools to handle the situation.


Stay in school, Get in shape and go home safe! 

Mon or Fri's  
6AM - 7AM or
730PM - 830PM