• Maple Bluff Rrecreation Center - Gym (map)
  • 18 Oxford Place
  • Madison, WI, 53704
  • United States

Krav Maga's unique, reality-based training is designed to improve the officer's emotional and physical response to danger. These methods develop the ability to recognize danger at the earliest stages, react without hesitation, and escalate and de-escalate with the appropriate level(s) of force. Krav Maga enables officers to deal with the most violent offenders they encounter, while remaining acutely aware of reasonable use-of-force and civil liability issues facing law enforcement & security professionals. 

Program will cover: Combatives; Defense against chokes; Duty weapon retention; and Defense against handgun threats.

Officers will need: 
- An open mind
- Mouth guard
- Groin protection (males)
- Towel
- Water bottle
- Duty belt
- Inert training pistol (blue gun)